Thursday, January 15, 2009

This Friday in Battleground

Just north of Lafayette, Ind., is the town of Battleground. Battleground is the historic site of the Battle of Tippacanoe. In the summer, it's home to the Indiana Fiddler's Gathering. It's also home to the Battleground General Store and Cafe.

This Friday, there won't be any battles (except maybe "Battle of New Orleans"), but there will certainly be some fiddle playing! Friday evening, I'll be joining my friends Patchwork for an evening of music at the Battleground General Store and Cafe. With Holly on fiddle and Rick on guitar and dulcimer, I'm looking forward to another delightful musical evening.

If you have friends up in Tippacanoe, pass the word along about this one. When the three of us get together, we never know what expect, except that we know we're going to have a great time!

Battleground General Store is located at 109 North Street in Battleground. We'll start picking right around 6:30.

Other upcoming shows include:

January 30, 6:30
The Bread Ladies
5 American Legion Pl
Greenfield, Ind.

February 6, 6:30
The Lighthouse Cafe
102 N Harrison St.
Alexandria, Ind.

February 19, 7:30
Books on Sale
4200 S. East St.
Indianapolis, Ind.

February 20, 7:00
Ye Olde Folkz Trio (with Eli Beth, Greg O'Haver)
The Bean Cup
8908 St. Peter St.
Indianapolis, Ind.

Hope to see you there!