Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oh, How I Love Beanzie's

Last Saturday, I made a return trip to Avon to play a couple of sets at Beanzie's Gourmet Coffee Company. Beanzie's is a great little coffee shop and café, and it's always a pleasure to play there.

The shop is located in a little strip center, so it may be a little hard to find on your first trip. However, those who commit to the search won't be disappointed. In addition to delightful, elegantly served coffee drinks, Beanzie's serves up an assortment of good sandwiches. The shop also features live music on Saturday nights, 6:30 - 9:30. I got word last week that they're looking to add live music on Fridays as well.

Musicians set up in a little room with overstuffed chairs and a sofa toward the back of the shop. Even though the room is somewhat separated from the rest of the shop by an archway, the acoustics are really good. I have no problem setting my system up to deliver sound that carries throughout the shop without blowing away the people sitting in the room with me. All in all, it's a very pleasant experience for the performer, and I figure, if people don't run screaming from the room, it's a pleasant experience for the listener as well.

If you're in Avon, Brownsburg or Plainfield, head up (or down) Indiana 267 and find Beanzie's. From the west side of Indy, head out U.S. 36 to Avon, the head north on 267. It's located one mile north of U.S. 36. If you're headed north on 267, you'll see the strip center on your left just north of County Road 100.

You won't be disappointed!