Sunday, July 15, 2007

Good Ones

I'll help someone in time of need,
And journey on with rapid speed;
I'll help the sick and poor and weak,
And words of kindness to them speak.

That's a verse from A Beautiful Life, a bluegrass gospel quartet standard. The song talks about using the time we've been given (Life's evening sun is sinking low; a few more days and I must go) to help others. In a day when the news is filled with celebrities, politicians and athletes who crave our attention, it sometimes slips by us that the world is filled with good people who are living A Beautiful Life.

These are the good ones. They have developed themselves into the best that they can be at what they do. Then they found a balance. They also take what they've learned and what they've become and share it with others so that they too can become the best they can be.

Running in musical circles, opportunities abound to meet all kinds of folk. However, if you look around the right corners and stand on the right thresholds, you get to meet some of the good ones.

I met the pastor of a new church outside of Houston a few years back when his church was just getting started. In addition to being called into ministry, he was a professional musician, talented guitarist, and gifted songwriter. This summer some youth from the church I attend now went on a mission trip to work at this pastor's church. The group included a couple of young fellows who were learning to play guitar.

During the time of the trip, the church was having a benefit concert. As the story was related to me, the pastor was setting up the stage and getting his sound check. At one point he turned to one of the young players in our group and asked him to come up and play so he could listen. Afterwards, this extremely gifted pastor complimented the younger man's playing and started sharing tips and tricks to help him be a better player. A sound check turned into a mini-clinic while talent and experience were shared rather than hoarded. That's one of the good ones. That's a beautiful life.

Here's my thanks for all of the good ones that have blessed my life, along with my hope and prayer that I can make some flowers bloom.

While traveling down life's weary road
I'll try to lift some traveller's load
I'll try to turn the night to day
Make flowers bloom along the way

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pubs and Churches

It was a great time last Saturday at Malloy's Irish Pub in Terre Haute. As the afternoon turned into early evening, the crowd began to build and the party got underway.

On the way back to Indianapolis, I thought about the comraderie, the mutual respect and support I had seen there, and the ways people supported and celebrated one another. It occurred to me that some aspects of life in the pub should be part of life in the church. Maybe churches would be more attractive if we celebrated people rather than suspected their motives or judged their actions. When I came to the table of the Lord with my church on Sunday, I know that I approached it a little differently.


Three shows are booked this week and next, then I'll be taking a break for the national assembly of my tribe of Christians. Appearances pick up again in the middle of August.

  • This Friday, I'll be playing at Strange Brew, located in Greenwood at 4800 W Smith Valley Road. The music gets underway at 7:00.
  • Then on Saturday, 7/7/07, at 7:00, I'll be making my first appearance at Higher Grounds' Fishers location. Higher Grounds is located at 116th St. & Olio Rd in Fishers.
  • On July 12 it's a return to Boulevard Place Cafe with Meg Kohen.
  • I'm also looking forward to appearing at The Bread Ladies in Greenfield on August 17.


On the MySpace profile, you can now purchase and download MP3 files of tracks from This Old House. Each track is 99 cents. I'm still working on making tracks from Going Over Home available, but I've hit a bit of a snag there.

I'm also working on a major update to that will also have MP3 downloads available.


I hope you enjoy a safe and happy Fourth. Please come out to one of the shows if you can, and please help spread the word by passing this message along to folks you think might be interested.


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