Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Back Porch

I think God may have given us porches as places to make music. They just seem to go together. My mind rolls over some of the great musical times I've had, and many of them happened porches: "The Sun Room Sessions" in Athens, Floyd and Liz's back porch in Ardmore, more pickin' sessions with KB than I can count. The only time Janetta and I played together it was on her porch. The porch of Peachtree Lodge at Camp Christian Conference Center is ideal, screened in overlooking the lake. Regardless of the settingm though, porches and pickin' just go together.

This past week Debbie and I spent a few days at her mom's. One evening, after dinner on her back porch, it was just perfect picking time. The sun had gone down, and we just had candlelight. The mood was perfect. I didn't entertain; I was able just to add relaxation to an already marvelous evening. Debbie had her new harmonica (G, of course), so we played together, which we absolutely must do more of. But what added magic to the evening, I think, was the porch. It wouldn't have been the same experience anywhere else.

If you play, try not to let a good porch get away from you.