Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Good Times at Corner Coffee

OK, OK, so I'm new at this blogging thing. Somehow I feel like I should post here more often than once a month, but I'm also the kind of person who wants to make sure he has something to say before he opens his mouth or his laptop! I do struggle with what to write here still. I'm not enough of an exhibitionist to just post an online diary. Not ready for that much self-revelation yet!

Shortly after moving to Indianapolis last September, I found the open stage hosted by Eli Beth at Corner Coffee. Trying to get settled in a new city is a challenge, but meeting some other musicians there made me feel right at home. Now, as often as possible, the third Friday of the month I'll be there to play, sing and listen.

One of the people I met there is Frank Watson, a/k/a Doc Possum, a musician in his own right, a man of deep faith and insight and an all around good guy. Frank is a supporter of local Indy folk musicians, and it was great to see him a couple of weeks ago at CC. Frank had a good post on his blog about the last gathering at Corner Coffee, and I always appreciate the kind words he has for me and all the musicians there.

I also met a young musician this time around, Caleb Hawkins. Caleb reminds me somewhat of me when I was 18 and first getting out to play in front of people I didn't know. I think he's got game. He has a sense for entertaining in addition to talent. Caleb is Christian, the son of a minister, so I wasn't quite sure how he'd take me, a minister who has no qualms about using phrases like "kiss my ass." But it's not Corner Coffee without "If I Had a Boat," so off we went. No prob!

The most fun part of the evening, though, was being in the background. It's great fun to sing harmony with Eli, and when I get to throw in a few lead licks behind Eli's daughter Sarah singing "Love Me Like a Man," well, then I'm good to go for a few thousand miles. I like to sing and play for folks, and if they have half as much fun as I do, we've all had a good time, but there is something special to me about being in the supporting role, helping someone else look or sound good. In life and in music, having a tasty lick to put in the background and having the opportunity to share it are great blessings!